FCC Approved Sector 5's 15W Wireless Transmitting Wall

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sector 5, Inc. (OTC: SFIV) has received the FCC approval on a transmitter wall for a 15W wireless charging wall that can be retro-fitted to existing charging carts. This solution is sought after from schools, hospitals, hospitality, businesses, and even home use across the country. The FCC has approved simultaneously the transmitter wall for a 15W transmitter for potentially laptops, iPads, tablets and other devices. See the following link: https://fccid.io/2AQRH-UITM1808

Sector 5 has received FCC approved on transmitter wall for 15W wireless charging. #wirelesscharging #fcc #SFIV

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For the new wireless charging solution, receivers and transmitters are strategically placed on both the hardware and on the charging cart divider walls, respectively. At the end of a school / work day, students or employees can place their equipment in the cart for overnight charging or during the day for rapid charging. The innovative charging solution saves time, reduces wear and tear on the electronics and simplifies the overall charging process.

Erick Kuvshinikov, Sector 5’s CEO, stated, “We are excited to announce this incredible opportunity to bring new technology into schools, businesses, and to other end users. While we are focused on our Sector 5 E3 Chromebook, we are working to develop wireless charging technology for all types of devices, meeting the Qi standards. Our goal is to eventually make all portable computing devices, new and old, wireless charging capable. We want to simplify the charging process and make a uniform charging solution among all electronic platforms that will extinguish the need for charging cords. We have filed a patent protecting this invention and are seeking additional patents around this technology.”

Information about Sector 5, Inc.

Sector 5, Inc. is a Nevada corporation, publicly traded (OTC: SFIV), that creates, manufactures and sells Sector 5 branded electronics utilizing Chrome, Android and Windows Operating Systems, focused on the educational and consumer electronics markets. Sector 5 and its manufacturing partners, "best in class" suppliers, and tier-1 designers are working together to combine American ingenuity and China’s manufacturing strengths to create products with the latest technology, innovative features (rugged designs, spill/drop resistant, portable) and fair pricing, exceeding market expectations. Sector 5’s distribution strategy centers on its competitive advantages in the B2B, retail, e-commerce, K-12 and higher education markets. Sector 5’s foundation of success and promise to the world is defined by a pursuit of simplicity and a commitment to innovation. Quality, reliability and excellent customer support is an integral component of that commitment. Further information can be found at www.sector-five.com and sectorfiveblog.wordpress.com.

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